Established in 1890 by late Gulam Hussan, the firm has been carrying the business of walnut wood carving, papier machie & chain stitch with satisfied international clientele.
Chain Stich & Crewel

Kashmir is known internationally for its style of embroidery which is found on garments like the phiran, gowns, curtains, cushion covers, shawls and household linen. The craftsmen draw inspiration from the landscape and the embroidery is renowned for its beauty and richness. The main patterns in this region are Chinar leaves, Cypress cones, lotus and Almonds.
Kashida, the local lingo for the embroidery, in a number of stitch styles, of which, the sujni stitch is used when uniformity is desired on both sides, like in choice shawls. Zalakdosi, the chain stitch done with a hook is found on chogas (cloaks) and rugs with long and flowing designs. Amli embroidery in multicoloured threads is found in kani shawls while Do-rookha is a double-sided stitch used to create similar patterns on either side but with different colour combinations.
A special kind of embroidery done with a pointed hook used for drapery and upholstery is known as crewel. Rows of chain stitch done with pointed hook form solid patterns usually rotating from center and creating an embossed effect to add richness to the textile. Crewel is done on the thick material popularly used for furnishing and usually carries flowing floral and creeper designs. The thick material includes Hand-woven Cotton Dosooti Fabric, Cotton Duck, Linen, Jute etc. The Crewel embroidery is done in the thick woolen yarn, by a pointed crochet, provides a very dazzling and durable material for drapes and upholstery's. All embroidery is hand done in either single or double ply wool. Crewel embroidery material is quite popular in export market.
Gold or silver embroidery is done around the necks of the gowns or phirans while chain and cross-filling stitches are used to do crewel work on namda or carpets. Gabba is another type of floor covering made out of old blankets with a combination of appliqué work and chain stitches. Patterns on gabbas and namdhas are in floral and geometrical designs. Shawls and furnishing fabrics are also embroidered while the famous Pashmina shawls are embroidered with fine silk thread .
Designs are available in assortment of colors ranging from a single color to multicolor embroidery. However, the designs and colors patterns can be altered as per order. The price is related with the amount of embroidery done on the material.

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Papier Mache
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Kashmir is known internationally for its style of embroidery which is found on garments like the phiran, tapestry, curtains, shawls and household linen. The craftsmen draw inspiration.....
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Kashmiris are very hard working and intelligent and are known for their oratorial skills. They are skilled artisans and craftsmen whose work of art is appreciated around the world.
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