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Established in 1890 by late Gulam Hussan, the firm has been carrying the business of walnut wood carving, papier machie & chain stitch with satisfied international clientele.
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Papier Machie

Equally as wood carving, Papier Mache has also been one of the growing and prospering industries of Kashmir. It is believed that the craft of Papier Mache has traveled from Iran to Kashmir and was introduced by King Zainul Abidin. There are a variety of items prepared by the craftsmen of Kashmir which have beautiful designs and colours and include pen stands, coasters, jewellery boxes, Christmas decorations, flower vases, lamp stands, trays, photo frames, decorative bowls etc. Some of the items have pure silver or gold dust sprinkled onto them to increase their beauty. Quality materials are always used and meticulous attention is given by our skilled craftsmen in detail to ensure authenticity in production. We feel proud of ourselves to confer you that along with our other products, our Papier Mache items are also accepted throughout the world for their good value. We have satisfied international clientele who have been importing our Papier Mache and other products since several decades.

Wood craft in Kashmir flourished from the 11th century onwards when the people were allowed to freely procure wood from the forests. A grand wooden palace with......
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Papier Mache
The word Papier Mache has been derived from a French word which literally means “chewed paper”. But in Kashmir it was known by its Iranian title “Kari Qalamdarie” – A pen case.
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Kashmir is known internationally for its style of embroidery which is found on garments like the phiran, tapestry, curtains, shawls and household linen. The craftsmen draw inspiration.....
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Kashmiris are very hard working and intelligent and are known for their oratorial skills. They are skilled artisans and craftsmen whose work of art is appreciated around the world.
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